Accompong and the African Union

The Maroon community on the Island of Jamaica is deeply grateful to African Union Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao for deciding to establish the first official chapter of the African Union Diaspora –Sixth Region within the Maroon State of Accompong, and for allowing Accompong Town to host the future headquarters of the African Union Diaspora. The decision is both symbolic and practical: it is symbolic because the Jamaican Maroons are the oldest sovereign African people in the Western hemisphere, having defeated their colonial oppressors and gaining autonomy as early as 1738: it is practical because the Island of Jamaica is one of the most visited tourist destinations for Africans all across the Diaspora. 

The African Union Representational Mission to the United States of America is tasked with engaging the Diaspora in a new era of prosperity, growth, and development for the African family. Constituencies and Chapters are being established as points of engagement for the strengthening of local Diaspora  communities and their usage as gateways to Africa. 


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