Colonel Ferron Williams


The Most Honourable Colonel Ferron Williams was elected to a second term as head of state on April 16, 2015. His first term was from 2009-2015.


Born on June 14th, 1955, to parents Advira Elizabeth Anderson-Williams and Robert Williams, The Colonel Ferron Williams is a native to Accompong.


He completed his secondary studies at the Cobbla Youth Training Center before launching a highly decorated career in the Jamaican Constabulary Force in 1975.


After 37 years of police service, Ferron Williams resigned from the force at the rank of Inspector of Police. Filled with commitment and dedication to his Maroon culture, identity and tradition, the Hon. Ferron Williams began his first-term as Colonel-in-Chief of Accompong in 2009.

He second term in office has been defined by bringing the Accompong Maroons to the international stage, particularly through establishing key diplomatic relations with African countries and the African Union. He is the first Maroon leader to take such a proactive stance towards Africa and advancing Maroon culture and economy through relations with Africa.  

Key accomplishments during his first-term include:


i) The establishment of the Accompong Basic School


ii) The refurbishment of the historical Cudjo Monument


iii) The installation of a modern sanitary system for the primary school


iv) Development of Accompong’s first internet café


v) Creation of the Accompong Library under patronage of Fitztroy Campbell --Mystic Bowie


vi) Housing solutions for 48 families


vii) Refurbishment of the sports field at the Accompong Primary School


viii) Creation of a scholarship and grants program for elementary school students --JACOM


ix) Cooperation for full scholarship with Bethlem Teachers College


x) Cooperation for youth employment within the JDF and JCF


Hon. Ferron Williams has set a much more ambitious development agenda for his second-term. Key targets going forward include:


i) Establishment of various new governmental institutions, i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong, Department of Fisheries and Agriculture, Security Force, Department of Health, Department of Social Services, and Ministry of Energy and Water


ii) South-South Climate change initiative in cooperation with various African and Caribbean leaders


iii) Wide scale local job creation through agricultural development


iv) Implementation of a local school bus system


v)  Technical training for youths and young adults


vi)  Access to running water for all house-holds


vii) Refurbishment of Accompong’s Museum


viii) Upgrading of local roads and access ways


ix) New monument for the national hero, Captain Cudjo, and others at his burial site


x) Development of new sanitary systems across the community for the 6th of January celebration


The Most Honourable Colonel Ferron Williams is committed to manifesting a rebirth towards the empowerment of Maroons both locally and in the Diaspora.

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