Climate Change Initiative

Governments around the world are increasingly coming to understand that climate change is the greatest crisis confronting humanity in the 21st Century. It is a global challenge that must be taken seriously. For the island community, climate change causes rises in the sea level which can damage coral reefs, affect subsistence and commercial fisheries, destroy vegetation, and deplete fresh water resources, that is why the Government of Accompong has determined that its future is that of a green society: a nation, a people and an economy that produces wealth and prosperity through sustainable solutions. Equally important, Accompong has become a society that is committed to using both its material and mental resources to establish bilateral and multilateral partnerships with nations, organizations and civil society groups to ensure pinnacle success in this challenge before humanity.     


People living on small-islands collectively contribute the least towards global carbon emissions, and yet small-island are the worst affected by rises in the sea level which occur as a result of climate change. That is why Accompong is focusing both its foreign policy and monetary policy on this theme. The Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong (CSRB) has been designed to facilitate dynamic bridges of international cooperation and sustainable activities. By the year 2050, developed countries must reduce their carbon emissions by up to 95%. At the same time emerging regions, particularly those of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America, must be incentivized to develop their economies in a manner that will not produce new carbon emissions. To this end, the Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong under the guidance of its Founding Governor Timothy McPherson, has been establishing a presence within countries across Africa and the Caribbean as part of its climate change and energy finance initiative: An initiative which ultimately seeks to decrease the effects of climate change on small-islands by ensuring the long-term reduction of global carbon emissions.


Colonel Ferron Williams and the Maroons of Accompong appreciate that as we prepare for the challenges of climate change, new forms of cooperation and leadership are not a question of having the highest GDP, the largest military, or the best democracy, but rather about putting forth clear visions and ideas which are backed by the willingness to act across diverse spheres of political engagement, technological innovation, and financial ingenuity.

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